Employment Litigation

Employment & Labor


We have specialized in employment and labor matters for nearly twenty years.


We have specialized in employment and labor matters for nearly twenty years, advocating for both plaintiffs and defendants, employers and employees. We have litigated various types of employment and labor claims, including but not limited to those for wrongful termination, wage and hour violations, workplace discrimination and harassment, and unfair competition. We further provide counseling and best practices advice, including but not limited to the conduct of independent workplace investigations, the drafting of employee handbooks, and the creation/revision of employer policies and forms. 




In addition to employment litigation we provide advice and counseling to clients regarding employment and human resource issues. Many clients have us provide training to supervisors on the law governing sexual harassment as required by AB1825. We also counsel employers on appropriate discipline including documentation on work performance and we assist in creating personnel forms, policies and employee handbooks.     

We have extensive experience in workplace sexual harassment investigations and we routinely are asked to assist in providing an independent investigation, assist in a company's investigation as counsel or provide our expert opinion on whether an investigation was properly conducted.