$9,000,000 - $1,300,000

$9,000,000: Paid to internet executive for unpaid wages.
$4,400,000: Settlement on behalf of minor child and parents in an action against publicly traded drug manufacturers who mislabeled and adulterated prescribed medication taken by minor child.
$3,242,000: Paid to real estate entrepreneur for his claims of fraud and breach of contract in connection with his suit for breach of partnership agreement.
$2,652,000: Settlement paid to corporate client for unfair competition claim stemming from the sale of a business.
$2,500,000: Paid to electronics owner in unfair competition lawsuit.
$1,331,000: Settlement to homeowner.
$1,300,000: Settlement during trial for saleswomen sexually harassed and wrongfully terminated.

$1,250,000 - $1,000,000

$1,250,000: In house attorney paid for wrongful termination claim after complaining of illegal employer practices.
$1,240,000: Settlement paid to entertainer in contract dispute.
$1,100,007: Settlement paid to commodities financier on contract claims in the middle of out of state arbitration over commissions, earned after Mr. Fink's cross-examination of adverse party.
$1,000,000: Paid for legal malpractice.
$1,000,000: Multi-million dollar settlement (of which $1,000,000 was cash) for healthcare CEO for breach of fiduciary duty against investor
$1,000,000: Casino dealers fired for complaining of illegal practices paid for wrongful termination claim.
$1,000,000: Paid to restaurant owner when landlord breached the lease.


$980,000 - $722,000

$987,000: Judgment for real estate developer in breach of contract dispute.
$900,000: Settlement paid to real estate developer for legal malpractice.
$891,000: Verdict in breach of contract for real estate broker in commission action.
$800,000: Settlement for breach of contract.
$750,000: Sexual harassment settlement against entertainment company.
$750,000: Settlement to employee of media company for wrongful termination based on complaints of employer's illegal practices.
$750,000: Paid to property management's executive assistant who was sexually harassed, including being forced to sleep with her supervisor.
$722,000: Paid to corporate client based on unfair competition claims.

$607,000 - $400,000

$607,000: Paid to card dealer after jury verdict finding race discrimination in failure to promote case.
$600,000: Settlement paid to healthcare company by Fortune 10 company for negligence.
$550,000: Verdict for Beverly Hills dermatologist against neighbor for trespass. Court also granted client an easement to neighbor's property.
$500,000: Private gym trainer paid for racial and sexual harassment.
$480,000: Paid to production worker on disability claim.
$478,000: Judgment paid to real estate investor based on fraud.
$473,000: Homeowner paid for trepsass and emotional distress against neighbor for landslide as well as a several million dollar award to fix the hill.
$440,000: Sexual harassment settlement.
$440,000: Personal injury settlement paid to woman injured at car wash due to employee's negligence.
$435,000: Paid to corporate plaintiff in contract dispute.
$422,000: Paid to terminated human resource manager for age and race discrimination.
$402,000: Paid to fast food restaurant employees for unpaid wages after judgment entered by court.
$400,000: Wrongful termination settlement.


$382,000 - $300,000

$382,500: Settlement to investor for breach of contract.
$380,000: Paid to employee fired after threatening to file a workers compensation claim.
$372,000: Settlement to employee for retaliation after having reporter sexual harassment by an executive of a co-worker.
$350,000: Paid to technology department employees fired for complaining about employer's illegal activity
$350,000: Real estate agent paid for sexual harassment after two months of work.
$350,000: Settlement to life insurance agent when client breached agreement.
$350,000: Sexual harassment settlement to real estate office manager.
$315,000: Settlement for pregnancy discrimination.
$300,000: Settlement for terminated white collar executive for age and religious discrimination.
$300,000: Settlement of sexual harassment case for medical assistant against doctor.
$300,000: Settlement for age discrimination for worker over 60 replaced by younger worker.
$300,000: Judgment for employee on defamation claim.

$285,000 - $225,000

$285,000: Real estate partnership dispute where client received all equity in the building.
$275,000: Sexual harassment settlement for assistant against securities brokers.
$275,000: Settlement in breach of assignment and breach of contract claim.
$260,000: Settlement after appellate reversal of summary judgment for factory worker sexually harassed.
$258,000: Paid to retail store buyer terminated while sick in violation of CFRA
$253,000: Sexual harassment settlement to property manager.
$250,000: Settlement for Indian male executive against Fortune 10 company for reverse discrimination in failure to promote case.
$240,000: Settlement regarding a single vehicle car accident.
$240,000: Racial harassment and discrimination settlement for African American male denied various casino positions.
$225,000: Settlement paid to employee for retaliation after being fired for whistle-blowing on corporate financial fraud.


$125,000 - $100,000

$125,000: Settlement for delivery man not paid overtime.
$120,000: Medical malpractice settlement.
$120,000: Personal injury settlement.
$120,000: Paid for legal malpractice.
$115,000: Settlement to African American casino floor worker for racial discrimination.
$105,000: Settlement to African American employee for wrongful termination based on race.
$105,000: Settlement paid to leasing agent for sex discrimination after her termination.
$100,000: Settlement paid for commissions owed to insurance agent.
$100,000: Attorneys fees judgment awarded to lawyer against actor who sued for malicious prosecution based on prevailing on an anti-SLAPP motion)
$100,000: Paid for sexual harassment to saleswoman at a film company after jury returned verdict against supervisor for 4,000 in compensatory damages and awarded punitive damages against harasser that jury was going to determine before settlement.

$200,000 - $135,000

$200,000: Paid to whistle blower fired for complaining about employer over billing customers
$200,000: Settlement for construction defects to celebrities Hollywood home.
$200,000: Paid to attorney for breach of contract.
$187,500: Paid to African American law firm office manager laid off for race discrimination.
$175,000: Settlement regarding failure to provide partnership income and insurance sales commissions and overrides.
$175,000: Settlement for national origin discrimination to minimum wage employee who was not promoted.
$175,000: Settlement to programmer for disability discrimination.
$163,000: Paid to food service employee for failure to pay overtime
$135,000: Settlement to hispanic human resource employee for race discrimination.


$99,000 - $85,000
$99,000: Wrongful termination settlement against bank for complaints about illegal conduct.  
$97,500: Settlement paid to employee for overtime who was mis-classified as exempt.  
$96,750: Paid to employee for failure to pay commissions.  
$90,000: Paid by airline for disability discrimination.  
$88,500: Settlement for disability discrimination.  
$85,000: Settlement to truck driver for being fired for complaining about wages.  
$85,000: Settlement to film producer wrongfully terminated because he was gay.


* The verdict and settlement amounts above are some of those we have recently achieved for our clients in an amount greater then 85,000. They should not be construed as representing that every case has a verdict or settlement value over six figures. Every case is unique. For example, we recently won a gay on gay sexual harassment case where the jury found the owners harassed our clients (waiters) and the restaurant failed to prevent harassment. Because our clients quickly found employment after they left the restaurant the damages were limited even though the conduct was illegal. We vigorously fought to vindicate our clients rights not to be discriminated against and received verdicts in our clients favor for 1,000 each (we did not ask the jury to award a specific dollar amount) The clients were happy they were vindicated as the employer denied the allegations. In October 2009, we again received a jury award based on retaliation and wrongful termination where our client's damages were relatively small (6,300) and the jury awarded in addition to 6,300 the maximum amount of punitive damages it could find against the employer: $50,000.

** We defend many cases subject to California's anti-SLAPP statute. A successful anti-SLAPP motion entitles a defendant to reasonable attorneys fees. The amount of fees varies in each case and is fact specific.