We have extensive experience litigating legal practice claims for both plaintiffs and defendants, including but not limited to claims proceeding before the State Bar of California.


We have experience handling legal malpractice for both plaintiffs and defendants. The vast majority of these cases we handle are defending attorneys and we have handled a wide variety of claims involving different substantive areas of the laws. Perhaps our most recognized malpractice defense case involved Rodney King"s lawsuit against the lawyers who got him the several million dollar verdict in that case. We represented King's first lawyer Steven Lerman and prevailed on summary judgment which we had affirmed on appeal. In addition to litigating malpractice cases we handle matters before the State Bar.



We are very selective in the plaintiffs cases we take in general and perhaps more so in this area. A recent high profile case we litigated was against Johnnie Cochran and his law firm. In that matter our client's wrongful death action was dismissed because the attorneys didn't get the case to trial in five years.